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When parents live separately, it is sometimes difficult to develop a system of parenting, but if a plan is developed thoughtfully, your child will enjoy the benefits of conflict free resolution and more confidence going forward.  

Most experts agree that your children feel that they are part of each parent . It is well worth educating yourself as a way to preserve a better life for your children and avoid the costs of hostile litigation. 

When parents live apart and where the welfare of children must be considered, the court requires a Parenting Education course to help parents consider the effects on their children. The course required in Connecticut is comprised of six (6) hours. 

Automatic Orders are issued  when filing for divorce. An example of an Automatic Order would be restraining a parent from moving out of the state while legal matters are pending and require parents to encourage continuing contact between the child and each parent.

If both parents wish to set their child’s needs as a priority and are committed to fairness in financial matters, mediation is another alternative which can eliminate adversarial litigation and allow the divorcing spouses and children to focus their energies in a more positive direction.
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