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Practice Areas
Offices in Manchester provide for private meetings in a comfortable setting for Mediation or Collaborative Divorce problem-solving. These meetings may include child and family counselors or financial advisors. 

On a limited basis, appointments are available during non-business hours or for the elderly at their home.

The Law Firm’s Areas of Practice include the following:
1. Mediation 

This is a no-fault approach which focuses on future-oriented solutions when a couple decides to Separate. The attorney acts as a neutral party and the approach is one of mutual respect which considers the children’s needs as well as the needs of the parents. This approach is cost-effective especially if the family estate is modest or uncomplicated. You maintain control over the process. There are no court appearances until the final divorce date and the attorney is available to accompany you to the court house to guide you through that process as well.  

2. Collaborative Divorce

Similar to Mediation, this approach allows each party to come to the table with his and her own attorney and together they work out the best plan for the future and for the children involved. By means of a series of meetings, involving mutually agreed outside experts if they are needed, this approach involves a commitment to a non-adversarial approach and avoidance of painful litigation as well as to fair and full disclosure of all financial matters at a series of meetings. This method offers more options for a better outcome.

3. Legal Separation or Divorce

The attorney’s full attention will be on the distinct circumstances of your separation and your concerns related to your divorce. The attorney is accessible and returns your calls as soon as possible as there is awareness that this is a stressful period in your life even if your divorce or separation has been contemplated for some time. When necessary in a divorce, court appearances are scheduled to establish certain temporary orders, such as child support, or responsibility for mortgage payments, as your divorce proceeds. Depending upon your own individual circumstances, your options will be explored and explained as there is not one simple plan which suits everyone. If parties cannot come to agreement, the attorney guides them through litigation and presentation of the facts so that a Judge can decide a fair outcome.

​4. Real Estate Sales or Quit Claims

In the course of your separation or divorce, or simply as part of your family estate plan, the Law Firm can provide legal guidance and preparation of documents to transfer property rights.

5. Child Custody and Parenting Plan

Whether separating parents have married or not, if they live separately, it is important to establish both legal and residential custody as well as financial support and areas of responsibility for their child. The attorney’s background as an educator and guardian ad litem for children as well as in general Family Law is helpful in guiding you to develop a plan to provide for your child’s needs and in identifying professional services during any period of transition if they are needed.  

6. Child Support

 The attorney will assist you in determining how your child should be financial supported and what amounts are reasonable, utilizing the child support guidelines of the state of Connecticut, with consideration for the child’s talents and interests and each parent’s hopes and aspirations for the child’s growth and enrichment.

7. Wills and Healthcare Directives

A will and a healthcare directive (sometimes called a living will) are the kindest legacy you can leave for your family and loved ones. You can also name a guardian for your child’s estate as part of your Will as you will likely be changing beneficiaries on your insurance or retirement savings plans in the course of a divorce or as circumstances change in your life.

8. Premarital Agreements

Your personal and legal interests are considered in the preparation of premarital agreements which are dependant upon full financial disclosure of the parties if finances are the focus. Such agreements are particularly important if either party has children from a former marriage or other family responsibilities. It is a process which involves full respect for your future spouse as well as for your own concerns. These agreements need to be prepared well in advance of your marriage.